Award Category

Smart Living Partnership Awards 2021 comprises of 12 award categories including

Arts and Culture
Outstanding Innovative Audio Technologies & Art Combination Product

Consumer Financial Solution (e-Payment)
Outstanding Purchase Installment Payment Solution

Outstanding New Resource Smart EV Charging Solution

Outstanding Cloud-based Consumer Digital Coupon Solution

Outstanding Integrated Account Base Transportation Ticketing System

Outstanding Blockchain Technology Application Solution

Outstanding Innovative MicroInsurance App

Educational Technology (EdTech)
Outstanding 5G Innovation Campus Project

Outstanding Artificial Intellectual Knowledge and Video Sharing Platform

Outstanding Innovative Micro-learning Mobile App

Outstanding Learning Centre Education App

Outstanding AR Interactive Education Platform

Outstanding School SEN Integrated Management Support Platform

Geron Technology (GeronTech)
Outstanding Artificial Intelligence Elderly Phone Call Caring System

Health Technology (HealthTech)
Outstanding Insurance Digital Services Platform

Outstanding Eye Disease Screen and Monitor App

Outstanding Innovative Music Mental Wellness App

Outstanding Electronic Wristband and Monitoring System for Home Quarantine

Marketing Technology (MarTech) (Smart Retail / e-Commerce)
Outstanding All-round Smart Retail Application Solution

Outstanding Cloud-based Food and Beverage POS System

Outstanding One-stop Trade Facilitation Platform

Outstanding CRM & Digital Voucher System

Outstanding Marketing and Customer Engagement Platform

Outstanding Artificial Intelligence Virtual Exhibition Solution

Property Technology (PropTech)
Outstanding 5G Smart Properties Solutions

Outstanding AI in Chiller Plant Automation System

Outstanding Cloud-based Construction Information Management Platform

Small and Medium Business (Tourism / Human Resources / Administration)
Outstanding Smart Hotel Enablement Solution

Outstanding Smart Comprehensive Hospitality Solution

Outstanding Near Field Communication Technology Solution

Outstanding Cloud-based Human Resources Management Integrated Solution

Smart Building / Environment (EnviroTech) / Green Technology
Outstanding Artificial Intelligence Virtual Ambassador Solution

Outstanding Multi-purpose Algal-based Biodiesel Production Platform

Outstanding Environmental Protection Barter Exchange App

Outstanding Smart Building Access & Lighting Management System

Outstanding Smart Office Comprehensive Support Solution

Outstanding Ultraviolet-C Sterilisation Device

Outstanding Artificial Intelligence Chiller Plant Control System

Outstanding Green Lifestyle Platform and App

Smart Mobility
Outstanding Parking Meter System

Outstanding Offline DLT Mobile Transit Ticketing System

Outstanding Seat Occupancy and Seat Belt Fastening Detection System for Green Mini Bus

Outstanding Smart Pedestrian Detection System

Outstanding Digital Travel Experience

Outstanding Touchless Traveler’s Identity Integration Management Solution

Outstanding All Man Kind Inclusive Bus App

Smart Workforce Management
Outstanding Smart Workforce Management Solution

Wearable/ Internet of Things (IOT) / Robotics
Outstanding Artificial Intelligence Home Sensor

Outstanding Tele-Control Warehouse Stackers Using 5G

Outstanding Robo Online Advertising Platform

Outstanding Big Data Automated Analytics Solution

Benefits of the Awards

  • All Award Winners will be featured prominently on the Smart Living Partnership Awards 2021 minisite
  • All Award Winners will get credible awards with reputable recognition and appreciation
  • Use of the widely recognised branded winners logo on your website and marketing / publicity materials
  • Media coverage reaching a cross platform audience
  • Award winners report positive results including higher awareness, sales and levels of staff morale
  • Awards independently judged by a panel of experts/professionals in the industry
  • Supported by major media partners and recognised quality branded sponsors

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